Testimonials- What Do Brett's Students Say?

I took lessons from Brett for 3 years. He totally inspired me and prepared me to attend the Musicians Institute. He really help me achieve the desire and drive that I have today. And thanks to Brett I am now a artis relations manager Vic Firth.

Ben Davies

Brett is a great teacher & instructor. He has a rapport with his students, and a nack for helping people WANT to learn. Brett has helped the drumline to win several captions. He has instructed the Moon Valley Drumline for over 10 years

Dave Cox- Band Director - Moon Valley High School

It has been a real "kick" to work with Brett Frederickson. He has done a tremendous job building the Greenway High Drum line. He makes learning fun for the students while instilling in them a sense of pride, teamwork and a desire to strive for excellence in all they do. As a private lesson teacher, his students are well prepared t o perform all levels and any different styles of music.

Andy Vogt - Greenway High School Band & Orchestra Director

I've worked at the Guitar Center for 10 years now and I've recommend Brett to a lot of people. In facet, I've actually been a student of his for 5 years now. He's very knowledgeable. I enjoy the lessons and totally see the validity of it.

Vic Arkile

For me, playing drums at an early age was difficult due to the lack of direction in the style of drumming I had. Brett covered the basics of just about everything from day one. After 7 years with Brett, I was able to attend the Musicians Institute and test mid-way into the drum program at the Dave Janssen's School of Music. I've now played in a variety of bands ranging from jazz, pop, contemporary rock to metal, experimental math-rock, and country all due to Brett's versatile teaching. His lessons on snare teaching got me as far as the last round in the blue Man Group auditions.

James Pope

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